Background . . . .

After 40 years as a surfer, Dave Lunnen started BodyGun UK to import the revolutionary new surf system into the UK.

BodyGunning has become popular with serious bodysurfers, water photographers and extreme sports enthusiasts - but … importing carries huge overheads in charges and taxes, so… Dave decided to begin manufacturing in the UK.

After a fact-finding trip around the world via Hawaii, New Zealand and California, Dave returned and spent four months in early 1999 constructing all the necessary machinery from scratch. Here his experience over the years, in electronics, marine engineering, rallying, motorbike racing, boat building - all came into play - enabling him to fit out his factory at a fraction of the cost of buying ready-made machinery.

In order to maximise use of the factory, make best use of the materials, and diversify, it was decided to produce a range of bodyboards as well as BodyGuns. The name came, literally, from the air, inspired by the free-wheeling buzzards in the skies over Cornwall - the epitome of grace and freedom - the perfect surfer's symbol.

In May 1999 trial production began - Dave's very high standards meant that several runs of boards were scrapped and re-designed. After many days, and late nights, of hot and hard work, the first boards were ready to be unveiled to the public at the Royal Cornwall Show in June 1999.

Meanwhile, Dave's wife, Mary, worked in the background on PR and marketing, writing and organising press coverage, advertising, T-shirts, prize draw events, all spreading the word to the public of BodyGun and Buzzard products.

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